Review in Family Tree Magazine March 2013

Review in Family Tree Magazine March 2013

Review in Family Tree Magazine March 2013.

‘Killing off’ your ancestors is an essential part of family history research when you can, ironically, unearth a surprising amount about their lives. Family Tree author Celia Heritage’s excellent guide to the records created by an individual’s demise – and what these records can tell you – feels like a long-overdue visit by an old family friend. We all know we should be buying death certificates to tie up those loose ends but they are often neglected as we get caught up in the joyous discovery of new marriages and births. But in doing so, as Celia genially explains, we miss out on a huge aspect of our ancestors’ lives and the opportunities for further research in sometimes unexpected places. But it’s not just the value of death certificates that are covered here; she also examines common brickwalls and pitfalls, from mistakes in the General Register Office index to aliases and name-changes. She explains how to get the most from burial records and casts her expert net over gravestones, memorial inscriptions, inquest reports, wills and other probate records, obituaries and more, It is packed with cases studies, illustrations and advice to reinvigorate your research. Pretty much all you need to know about death records, with simple explanations and problem -solving tips, I wonder why this has never been done in this way before. Authoritive and practical, it will prove a big help to beginners and battle-weary genealogists alike and Celia also has a book blog at


Click the link below for the review in Who Do You Think You Are Magazine


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